Nestled in the hills of northeastern India, Nagaland boasts a vibrant cultural tapestry with a rich history and stunning landscapes. Known as the Falcon capital of the world and home to the spiciest chilli on the planet, this state is a treasure trove of diverse indigenous tribes and dialects, with 17 tribes and over 60 dialects spoken. With festivals that are an explosion of colors and traditions, Nagaland is a dream destination for travelers.
With a high literacy rate of 80.11%, the state has a large population of English-speaking individuals. Nagaland is also abundant in mineral resources like limestone, crude oil, natural gas, and cobalt, and produces a variety of agricultural crops. The state is famous for its colorful handloom, which reflects the state’s rich cultural heritage. With a progressive government and proactive policies, Nagaland is quickly emerging as an important business hub, offering endless possibilities for investment and growth

Did you know?

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Nagaland has the 3rd highest reserve of cobalt in India.

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Nagaland holds 600 mn MT of crude oil reserve

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Nagaland is home to one of the spiciest chilies in the world- the Naga Chilli

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Nagaland is 4th largest producer of Tapioca

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Nagaland is one of the 25 hot spots of the world with respect to its biological diversity and is referred as a State with mega biodiversity

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Nagaland is known as land of festivals as each of the 16 prominent tribes have their own festivals that go on throughout the year.

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Nagaland has a high literacy rate of 80.11 %. Most of the population speaks English which is the official language of the state

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Nagaland has about 60 different spoken dialects

Key Facts

  • Nagaland has considerable minerals reserves, including about 315 MT of Coal Reserves and 1038 MT of Limestone Reserves.
  • Nagaland has unexploited reserves of around 600 million metric tons (MT) of crude.
  • The agro-climatic conditions in Nagaland provide multiple commercial opportunities for floriculture and horticulture.
  • Nagaland is home to about 650 indigenous species of medicinal and aromatic plants and 46 species of bamboo
  • The Hornbill Festival is the most popular festival of Nagaland, celebrated every year from December 1st to 10th at Kisama Heritage Village in Kohima . The festival attracts large number of tourists from across the world.

Industrial Infrastructure

  • Nagaland has three cold storage facilities with 7150 MT capacity for storing perishable horticulture produce like fruits and vegetables.
  • Nagaland has 5 International Border Trade Centres and 1 SEZ
  • Sizeable Industrial land bank is available with the state

Opportunities for Investor

  • Potential for setting up of Coffee Plantations and processing units as there is increasing demand for Naga Coffee in the international market.
  • Potential for investments in manufacture of bamboo-based building materials and home décor items.

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