Nestled amidst the verdant hills of the eastern sub-Himalayan region lies Meghalaya, a true gem of natural beauty and diversity. This breathtaking state boasts a rich cultural heritage, vibrant festivals, and awe-inspiring landscapes that include glistening rivers, majestic waterfalls, mystical caves, serene valleys, and serene lakes. Meghalaya is also known for its abundant flora and fauna, making it a biodiversity hotspot. Apart from its natural bounty, Meghalaya is rich in valuable resources such as coal, limestone, uranium, clay, sillimanite, and granite. The state boasts a highly literate and English-speaking population, making it an attractive destination for investors. The state has already seen substantial investments in industries such as cement, ferrosilicon, and IT, thanks to the government’s progressive policies. With a welcoming business environment and a wealth of natural resources, Meghalaya is poised to become a hub for major investments in the coming years.

Did you know?

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Meghalaya is a leading producer of strawberries in India

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Lakadong turmeric which has curcumin content as high as 7-9% is endemic to Meghalaya

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Meghalaya offers hydroelectric power potential of approx. 3,000 MW

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Over 70% of the area in the state is covered with forests which house 320 varieties of orchids besides many other biotic resources

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Meghalaya has the largest number of caves in India, ideal for cave tourism.

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The state has land in Industrial Estates at subsidized rate.

Key Highlights

  • Meghalaya has 325 startups registered in the state for Agriculture & food processing, highest number amongst all other sectors.
  • Meghalaya thrust sectors for development and promotion – Agro-processing, horticulture, tourism, minerals, electronics, and IT
  • Some of the best educational institutions in the NER are situated in Meghalaya, including IIM Shillong, Northeast Hill University and NEGRIMS.
  • The state is well known for its tourism potential and large number of tourists visit the state throughout the year,

Key Infrastructure

  • Two border haats are currently functional – Kalaichar, West Garo Hills District and Balat, East Khasi Hills District.
  • Four new border haats are under implementation.
  • Meghalaya has a technology park namely “Shillong Technology Park”.
  • Well connected airport at Umroi and 6 helipads.

Opportunities for Investor

  • The state has great potential for investment in food processing ranging from spice to fruits and vegetables.
  • Cold Storage is a good investment opportunity for supplying off season fruits and vegetables.
  • Opportunities for livestock production and meat processing industries.
  • inopportunity for setting up Drug Manufacturing Units
  • Construction of new Medical Colleges and Hospitals in PPP mode can be good investment opportunity.
  • Potential areas for the development of tourism products in Meghalaya are Adventure/Sports Tourism, Wildlife/Eco-Tourism, Cultural Tourism (Fairs and Festivals), Wellness, Health & Herbal Tourism
  • There are significant opportunities in setting up of modern Sports Infrastructure, establishment of Athlete Training institutes, etc

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