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The 1st ever Northeast Investors Summit

The Northeast Investors Summit 2023 is being  organised by the Ministry of DoNER, Government of India, to showcase the potential for investments and trade in the Northeast Region of India.

The summit presents a unique opportunity to establish and strengthen alliances, partnerships, and collaborations, while gaining valuable insights into the myriad of possibilities available for expanding business and pursuing new investments in the North East region. The event will focus on developing a clear vision for growth in both the manufacturing and services sectors.

The summit will also provide investors with a valuable opportunity to participate in the Northeast Region’s development as a manufacturing and services hub for ASEAN and BBN, as well as for the markets in eastern India. Additionally, it will serve as a crucial platform for companies to learn about the incentive and policy framework in Northeast India and how to use it to expand their business beyond national borders.

Advantage Northeast

Gateway to Southeast Asia

The Northeast Region (NER) boasts of a strategically advantageous location, providing easy access to both the BBN and ASEAN markets. Sharing 99 percent of its borders, which spans over 5,300 kilometers, with its neighboring countries, including Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, and Myanmar, the NER serves as a crucial gateway to the ASEAN region and represents an integral component of India's Act East Policy.

Abundant Natural Resources

The Northeast Region (NER) is richly endowed with abundant natural resources, including around 20% of India's oil and gas reserves, 395 million tons of coal, as well as significant deposits of various minerals such as uranium, feldspar, limestone, kaolin, quartz clay, graphite, and dolomite. Additionally, the NER has vast bamboo and timber resources that are instrumental in supporting the needs of various industries. Such a bountiful reserve of resources positions the NER ideally for catering to the requirements of industries in the northeast states, as well as the BBN and ASEAN markets.

India’s Green Hub

The Northeast Region (NER) of India is a veritable oasis of greenery, boasting a forest cover of over 60%. This makes it the country's preeminent "Green Hub," with the distinction of being the most extensive carbon sink, accounting for 28% of India's total estimated carbon stock of 7,124 million tonnes. Its abundant natural resources and vast biodiversity make the NER an idyllic haven for discerning high-end tourists seeking an unexplored and unique travel experience.

Diverse Cultural Heritage

The natural beauty of the region's rolling hills, winding rivers, and verdant valleys is matched only by its rich ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity. With 209 tribes and 192 distinct languages spoken, this area is a melting pot of cultures and identities, resulting in a unique and fascinating composite culture. Investors looking for opportunities in tourism and handicrafts will find an abundance of options in this region, where the rich cultural heritage of its people can be showcased to the world.

Government Incentives

The government of India and various state governments of India offer a wide range of incentives subsidies, and reimbursements to support business growth in NER. Take advantage of the same to expand your business further in the region

Skilled Workforce

With several world class institutions like IIM Shillong, IIT Guwahati,79 universities, 1001 colleges and 224 standalone institutions, the region produces a skilled workforce that is proficient in English.

Growing Infrastructure

With multiple Central and State level schemes, the region is undergoing a rapidly transformation in terms of infrastructure, including new industrial and technology parks, logistics hubs, cold chains and connectivity infrastructure.

Stable Business Environment

The Northeastern states of India provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for businesses, thanks to their stable political environment, low crime rates, and favorable government policies. Furthermore, the region is adopting efficient mechanisms to simplify business operations (Ease of doing Business), which makes it an appealing destination for companies seeking growth opportunities.

Access to a mega international market base

The Northeastern region is poised to benefit from the economic potential of the BBN and ASEAN countries, with a combined consumer base of over 600 million people. This large consumer base, coupled with increased urbanization in the region, presents a massive opportunity for businesses in the region to tap into in the years ahead.

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